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Yehudit Kosowsky


Hi, I’m Yehudit, lover of crafts, lists and celebratory events of all shapes and sizes!

My journey to event design began with food blogging. As I developed hundreds of recipes, I discovered it wasn’t just the cooking I loved — it was also (even more so!) the tablescapes, styling and ambience. I wanted to treat my friends and family to an immersive experience, not just for their taste buds but for all their senses. 

And so Yehudit Designs was born. 

Planning the perfect party doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you think.

I make sure you’re supported at every step, from our first meeting all the way to the opening magic of your dream event. And that you enjoy every moment of it! 

Event Planner Israel

My Favorite Things


Mug brownies and Netflix


Big bowl of Mac ‘n cheese


Magic, magic & more magic


Fulfilling people’s dreams


My Contigo water bottle


The beach at sunset

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Yehudit Designs Events

I thrive on adrenaline

Put me in an airplane 10,000 ft off the ground and I am ready to jump (five times and counting!). I love heights; from roller coasters to cliff jumping, there’s nothing like the rush of open air. I do well under pressure and think fast on my feet.

Yehudit Kosowsky

Meet my people

These guys. I am an IVF mama to Noa and Elisha with my husband, Betzalel. My daughter is a mini-me: stubborn, creative, and a hardcore beach enthusiast. My son is calm and giggly like his dad with a side of can't-sit-still that he gets from me. They are always keeping me on my toes and filling me to the brim with love.

Yehudit Designs Designer

We create all our own installations

I am the designer and Betzalel is the builder. Together we make a great team and can craft up anything that we need for events or our home. Want a tiki bar? No problem. Custom play gym for our kids? We’re working on it.

Event Designer Israel

Travelling is everything

I’ve been to six continents and love adding stickers to my been-there globe. I have skied in Romania, climbed the Alps in Switzerland, gone scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef, walked the ancient roads of Rome and more!

Event Planner Israel

The beach is my happy place

You’ll find me there every Friday in the summer months, soaking up the rays and enjoying the water fun. I'll be there in winter too, just breathing in the calming ocean air and centering myself.

Event Planner and Designer Israel

The world inspires me

I’m inspired by everything around me. I draw on everything from my world travels to my backyard, and love expressing it all in my art.

Yehudit Kosowsky

Some call me a planner and designer. Others call me a therapist and crisis manager.

I’m just here to hold your hand through it all.

Let’s make sure your big day goes off without a hitch. From seeing that Grandma arrives safely from the airport to making sure we have a plan B if it rains, I am here to handle all the stressful situations and remind you that you are here to celebrate!

Israel Event Designer

Our clients dream big, love celebrations and are waiting to be wowed.

You have a vision of your event and you’re excited to work with someone you can trust to fully realize your dream. You expect a high standard of design, planning and execution and want to know that your big day will be managed by a team of experts. It is our promise to you that each and every step of the planning experience is as special and enjoyable as the celebration itself.

Sound like you? Let’s talk.

Israel Event Planner

"The hotel said it was the most beautiful event they ever saw."

"Thanks so much for an amazing bar mitzvah weekend. We all had a great time and my guests can't stop telling me how beautiful it all was. Thanks so much for your hard work and creativity. The hotel said it was the most beautiful event they ever saw. 😍"


-Rachel G

Ready to create the event of a lifetime?

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